April 2022 On Islay

April 2022 On Islay

I love April, here on Islay there is so much change in the landscape. Lambs are being born, primroses adorn the slopes and the road verges, woodlands are full of bluebells and wild garlic and by the end of the month, cuckoos have arrived alongside their namesake the cuckoo flower - a favourite of the green-veined white butterfly.

The first half of the month was given over to the school holidays, our time was spent exploring new parts of the small peninsula we live on, surrounded on three sides by cliffs there are so many nooks and crannies to discover. One particular fabulous find was the rare and beautiful purple saxifrage - such an unexpected pop of colour at the beginning of the month.

We took a trip overseas to the Isle of Jura - just a 5 minute ferry crossing and you are in a whole new world. Exploring, dining out and hot tubbing with friends made for the perfect weekend escape. Jura has such a vast and wild landscape much of it similar to our corner of Islay. Craighouse, however the main village seems somewhat tropical with its sheltered easterly facing position and gardens full of plants I could only dream of in our exposed and windy situation on the Oa.

The month ended with huge excitement - the delivery of my new Wildflowers of Islay Tea Towels. I'm chuffed to bits with these and have so loved the feedback I've had from customers so far.


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